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Plastic parts

Our Plastic Department has as many as 50 sets of 80-1000T plastic injection molding machines, mainly producing plastic housings, or electronic assembly parts with materials e.g. PC, PE, PP, PBT, ABS, PPS, etc. Together with our in-house painting and printing department, and a well established suppliers network of plastic parts surface treatments, like plating, water transfer, etc. We provide customers finished plastic parts with many kinds of surface decorations.

Metal parts

Our metal department has as many as 35 sets of 80T-300T punching machines, and many other post-process and surface treatment equipment along with an independent oxidizing shop. We have been providing fabulous metal parts to many famous brands like Panasonic in the world for many years, our quality and capabilities in this field are unmatched.

Electronic Manufacturing

There are advanced facilities and sophisticated testing systems in our electronic manufacturing shop. We not only make the PCBA of our own ODM products here, like the PCBA of our LED candles, we also provide OEM services of electronic manufacturing to foreign customers. 

Here is some of our equipment.

-Fuji chip shooter 142e series 

-RoHS 8 zone reflow oven 

-Universal Axial Inserter VCD 6295A 

-Universal Radial Inserter 6360A/80stn 

-RoHS Dualwave Solderwave 

-Dualwave Solderwave 

-ICT online tester


Now, our factory not only provides semi-manufactured goods(SMG) to customers, we have already set up 6 assembly lines for final product assembly.