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Industrial Design

DFL’s Industrial design team works with a system which ensures the end results success at the early stages of design. 

So far we have been developing exciting new products in the Industrial, Consumer, Electronics and Medical sectors though these services are not limited to said areas. 

Innovative aesthetics were proposed with due consideration on Functionality, Usability, Design for manufacturing & Assembly with new materials and processes. We provide 3D realistic looking renderings of your idea allowing you to better visualize the finished product and make any changes you desire prior to prototyping and manufacturing.

Mechanical Design

We offer specialized Mechanical Design services based on a combination of industry domain knowledge, engineering expertise and IT skills. Our engineers are well experienced with tooling and manufacturing techniques to provide our customers with robust/ parametric 3D constructions with the help of well devised Quality Systems. Our Mechanical Design software includes PRO/E, Solidworks and AutoCAD.

Electronic Design

Not every company has the resources to develop new control designs in-house. That's where we can help. Our electronic development team includes 2 software engineers and 4 hardware engineers, all of them have more than 12 years working experience of electronic product development. Whether you have a complete design specification or you need help developing a design specification, our electronic team will help you get to the finish line. We have the expertise and experience to design hardware and software to meet your exact needs. We can take a project from concept through production from one facility - saving you time and money.